Not all soldiers fighting at the border return home the way they left - some tragically get injured on the battlefield and during peacekeeping procedures. These brave soldiers may have stopped serving the country in the same way but their spirit has stayed unaffected.

The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee, Pune is meant for the after care and rehabilitation of personnel's of defence forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired form service due to spinal cord Injury while serving the nation.

We want to thank our differently-abled soldiers of the Indian Army for their unparalleled sacrifice.

So please go ahead and donate, every donation will give you 100 points..

How ?

Send in your thank you message via text or picture with hashtag #ShukriyaSoldier and share it with the world to earn points. The most creative messages stand to win exciting merchandise personally signed by the players of Rising Pune Supergiants.

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  • Send in a thank you message for the differently-abled soldier via image or text with hashtag #ShukriyaSoldier and share it on all social platforms. With each share, you will earn 3 points.

    *This is a mandatory activity for this phase
  • Donate to support Rising Pune Supergiant's fundraiser started to create awareness for the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee, Pune, meant for the after-care and rehabilitation of personnels of Defence forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired from service due to spinal cord injury while serving the nation. For each donation you will earn 100 points.

  • Share the #SupergiantsForSoldiers initiative on Facebook to earn 1 point.

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  1. For every share, players will earn 1 point. The more you share, the more you earn.
  2. In every phase, the first activity is mandatory. (For Phase 2 - Picture/text thank you message with #ShukriyaSoldier)
  3. Players are required to score a minimum of 20 points to be eligible for the lucky draw. Most creative and original entries from the lucky draw will be declared as the winners.

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*Accumulation of points through unauthorised ways/hacks/use of bots/any other unsolicited means/by sharing the activity to other than public (over Facebook) will mark the entry to the contest be null and void irrespective of any points collected.


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